New Zealand Weather


North Island, occasional showers, clearing and becoming fine in the east and south. South Island, showery in the west, also in the south with hail developing there and snow lowering to 700 metres, mainly fine elsewhere.


North Island, occasional showers in the north and west, mainly fine in the east and south. South Island, showers in most places, hail possible in the east and south, snow lowering to 500 metres in the south.


North Island, showers in most places, only a few showers for the northern half. South Island, showers, clearing in the north and west, snow to 600 metres in the south.

Chatham Islands

Cool westerlies and showers through Monday.


New Zealand Current Conditions

    Temp Dew Point Rel. Humidity Feels Like Wind Speed Rainfall Pressure
Auckland 22:00 NZDT 15°C 12°C 82% 15°C WNW 11km/h - 1013.0
Christchurch 22:00 NZDT 14°C 2°C 44% 14°C WNW 9km/h - 998.0
Dunedin 20:00 NZDT 10°C 5°C 72% 7°C WSW 18km/h - 999.0
Gisborne 21:00 NZDT 17°C 8°C 52% 17°C WNW 11km/h - 1008.4
New Plymouth 21:00 NZDT 15°C 14°C 91% 15°C WNW 30km/h - 1010.4
Queenstown 20:00 NZDT 9°C 2°C 60% 6°C SW 24km/h - 1000.0
Wellington 22:00 NZDT 15°C 8°C 63% 15°C NNW 41km/h - 1003.0
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